Let me eat cake

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Rob does. For Christmas, I bought a few treats from Robert Lambert that satisfied us both.

The star of the show was the Winter Fruitcake.  So much fruit. So many nuts. And a delicious cake that takes like panettone, but has a moist, dense texture. We’ve been enjoying thin, satisfying slices of this treasure dipped in a little whipped cream. Yesterday, I warmed the last chunk in the toaster oven — soooo good.  Thankfully, our birthdays are just a few months away…. 🙂

cake1We’ve also already polished off a jar of wild blueberry lemon jam — a beautiful balance of sweet and tart — and are working our way through the Seville orange marmalade.

I had been wanting to try authentic marmalade since reading Andrea Geary’s recipe:

A smear of Nutella on your morning toast might gently coax you into a difficult day, but a spoonful of Seville orange marmalade slaps you upside the head and admonishes you to get on with it.

Robert Lambert’s version is the real deal, with it’s delightful bits of bittersweet rind. I’ve been loving it on whole wheat English muffins with sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.


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